Light fixture repair

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If your light fixture flickers, dims, is overheating, buzzes or hums loudly, or still does not work properly after changing out the lightbulb, you may need light fixture repairs. Problems with light fixtures in your home could be a sign of a greater electrical issue, and should be checked by a professional as soon as possible, Call Luka Home Services to repair light fixtures that are outdated, broken, or potentially hazardous with your choice of new lighting. Our technicians will check your light fixture, sockets, switches, wiring, and the wiring within the light fixture to determine the cause of your issue and resolve it. 

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Light fixture repair

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Luka Home Services has expertly installed, repaired, and maintained residential lighting and light fixtures for customers, earning a reputation for reliability and excellent quality service. Our commitment to ensuring that our customers are safe, satisfied, and saving money has made us the top-rated home services provider in northern Virginia. 

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