Spring Cleaning Tips For Home Maintenance

With Spring on the way, read up on some of the best tips we have for home maintenance and reducing the chance of issues. 

Regular and thorough home maintenance is essential in ensuring a safe, healthy and clean environment for your family. Spring cleaning is an important part of home maintenance that helps to remove dirt, dust, mold and mildew buildup. Here are some spring-cleaning tips you can use to keep your home in top condition:  

  1. Deep Clean Appliances – Take the time to deep clean your kitchen and laundry appliances. Pay close attention to the filters, coils and crevices that may have built up excessive dust or dirt over the past few months. 
  2. Clean Windows & Mirrors – Shine a light on glass surfaces and inspect them for dirt, smudges, fingerprints and streaks. Be sure to use a glass-specific cleaner and non-abrasive cloth or paper towels for best results. 
  3. Scrub Floors & Walls – Give your floors and walls a deep cleaning with hot, soapy water and an appropriate scrubber or mop. Cleaning grout lines between tiles can be especially tedious but can make a big difference in the overall look of your floors. 
  4. Dust Furniture – Dust furniture with a dry cloth and use appropriate cleaning products to clean upholstered pieces. Don’t forget to dust baseboards, ceiling fans and windowsills for a complete cleaning job. 
  5. Launder Bedding and Curtains – Freshen bedding, curtains and other fabric items with a good wash. Be sure to follow the care instructions on each item for optimal results. 

Following these spring-cleaning tips will help keep your home in top condition and make it welcoming for family and guests. Regular maintenance throughout the year can also help to keep your home looking great. For additional services, contact Luka Services to keep your home and appliances maintained and in excellent working condition.